A New Off-Road Electric Truck Concept Boasts Bat Wing-Shaped Solar Panels

Dec 27, 2021 10:38 AM ET
  • A multi-purpose electrical truck with a 400-mile range.
A New Off-Road Electric Truck Concept Boasts Bat Wing-Shaped Solar Panels
Image: interestingengineering.com

Wolfgang, a creative agency based in Los Angeles, California has lately revealed the Thundertruck, an electrical off-roader concept with dashing, futuristic features including bat wing-shaped solar panels.

The business says that the multi-purpose EV uses premium on and also off-road performance as well as an entirely new degree of convenience and capability without zero discharges.

The team behind Thundertuck figured that considering that there aren't charging stations out in the desert, a solar roof to power the vehicle would certainly can be found in convenient. Because the sun is an unlimited source of power, the bat wing-shaped collapsible solar awnings provide the vehicle with the needed battery power while additionally doubling as a complementary color for when you're camping or fishing.

The 800-horsepower Thundertruck EV boasts a 180 kWh battery, a 400-mile range, as well as an 800 lb-ft of torque. What's even more, it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 secs. The truck can be found in two models, 4x4 and also 6x6. The business website specifies that "Our state-of-the-art TT Range Extender conveniently converts the Thundertruck into a 6WD beast that quietly supplies exceptional power and performance."

According to the team, the vehicle layout's inspiration came throughout the pandemic lockdown; "when covid initially struck, people were seeking methods to inhabit their time. rather than cooking bread or making problems, we chose to make a new advanced EV truck. While this was not your common lockdown task, our core group had actually operated in and around the auto market for the past 25+ years, so it was something we're greater than certified to take on."

Being both reliable and green, Thundertruck is an eco-friendly concept. "It supplies extreme power, torque, taking care of and uses sophisticated innovative motorist support systems for maximum security."

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