A flexible approach to offshore solar

Jun 26, 2020 05:44 PM ET
  • Researchers in the Netherlands are trialing a floating solar installation based on flexible thin-film PV components. The suggestion behind their principle is that such modules, in combination with a recently made flexible racking system, will certainly produce a system able to roll with the activity of the water, rather than attempting to oppose it.
A flexible approach to offshore solar
Image: Solliance

Earlier this year, scientists led by European solar research study institute Solliance started evaluating a floating thin-film solar array. The team revealed today that it has a 1,000 W examination system up and running in the Dutch area of Weperpolder.

Though this examination setup is on an inland body of water, the project's aim is to develop a new principle for floating solar at sea. By dealing with flexible thin-film components, the team hopes to create a system that can adhere to the waves, instead of typical methods relying on a much more inflexible framework.

Solliance has not supplied more details on the thin-film modern technology utilized in the modules, but specifies that it has actually conducted bending and also tiredness tests showing that they can hold up against small bends without damages.

And also it has provided little information on its technique to creating the flexible racking system, other than to claim that it is "solid but flexible." The institute additionally reports that a range version of the system has been checked in wave problems, confirming its feasibility for usage mixed-up.

Floating ambitions

The most up to date installment's major objective, say the scientists, is to establish the ideal elevation and degree of adaptability for the floating racking system. Late in 2015, Solliance likewise released one more floating thin-film system on the North Sea near the Dutch town of Den Helder, which intends mostly to keep an eye on the results of algae growth, air pollution, salt down payments and weather influences.

The system will be kept an eye on, and also its efficiency contrasted to that of a larger floating setup established by Dutch business Groenleven, nearby on the very same lake.

The following phase of Solliance's Solar @ Sea project will certainly entail the installation of a 50 kWp variety on the seaside Oostvoornse lake, after which it anticipates to be all set to begin to build pilot projects on the North Sea.

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