A closer consider JA Solar's brand-new 785/810 W panel series

Aug 18, 2020 11:38 AM ET
  • According to the panel's product sheet, the new series has dimensions of 2,219 by 1,765 by 40 mm as well as weighs 43.5 kg. Its effectiveness ranges from 20.1 to 20.8%. It includes a 12-year item service warranty and also a 25-year direct power result guarantee.
A closer consider JA Solar's brand-new 785/810 W panel series
Image: JA Solar

Chinese solar module supplier JA Solar unveiled last week at the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai the globe's most effective PV module-- the Jumbo solar panel with power result surpassing 800 W.

The 240-cell panel, which has quadruple layouts of PERC cells and also makes use of a triple-cut cell style with 11 busbars on 210mm wafers, is not only one of the most effective tool offered in the market, however additionally the largest and heaviest with dimensions of 2,219 by 1,765 by 40 mm and a weight of 43.5 kg. For contrast, a 585 W panel unveiled by a competitor of JA Solar this year measures 2,411 by 1,134 by 35 mm as well as considers 31.1 kg.

According to the panel's product sheet, the JAM80S40 785-810 HRM module collection is readily available in six different variations with a power result of between 785 as well as 810 W and also performances varying from 20.1 to 20.8%.

Open circuit voltage is of 81.90 V to 82.68 V and also optimum power voltage ranges from 68.39 to 69.84 V depending on the size. Short circuit current is ranges between 12.50 and also 12.20 ampere and power resistance is of 0%/ +5%.

The operating ambient temperature level varieties from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, according to the producer, and also maximum system voltage is 1,500 V. Its junction box has an IP 68 ranking.

JA Solar offers a 12-year product service warranty and 25-year power result assurance. Annual direct degradation over 25 years is indicated at 0.55% while destruction for the initial year of the panel's lifetime is capped at 1.5%.

When it comes to the product packaging arrangement, the producer claimed 27 modules can be packed on a pallet. For contrast, a 580 W product from an additional JA Solar rival requires one pallet for 31 modules.

The module is not yet in automation.

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