A 1.6 Megawatt Rooftop solar plant to be installed at the Govt Building in Tamil Nadu

Dec 23, 2019 05:07 PM ET
  • A 1.6 million tender that intents to install rooftop solar on government buildings rooftops in Tamil Nadu
A 1.6 Megawatt Rooftop solar plant to be installed at the Govt Building in Tamil Nadu
Image: saurenergy.com

Another tender that will install 1.6 MW on rooftops on several buildings in Tamil Nadu has been issued. While issuing the tender, The Central Electronic Limited said that it was looking forward to multiple projects that will cumulate to 1.6 MW. Successful bidders will be expected to install solar projects that can produce between 10 - 50 kWp. 

The works involved include carrying out surveys, erection, and construction, commissioning and testing the solar systems. The developer will also provide operation and maintenance of the completed plant for 25 years. They will be given ninety days to complete the installation. 

Bidders have up to January 4th, 2020 to submit their interests. They are also expected to deposit Rs 7.5 lakh.  To participate in the bidding process, one must have designed, tested, supplied and commissioned 500 kWP indirectly and directly for a government department. This must have been done in the previous 3 years in which they should have installed a plant that produces at least 50 kWp before the 1st of April 2019. They must also have had Rs 4 crore cumulative turnovers in the past 3 financial years.    

Inverter manufacturers should have supplied in India a 50 MW inverter and must have 3 years of experience. 

In the recent past, CELL issued a tender to commissioning 44 MW solar generating installations with a capacity of 250 to 10 megawatts in different locations in Maharashtra. The bidders have up to 30 December 2019 to submit their bids. 

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