8minute and CapDyn launch Springbok Solar Cluster in USA

Nov 26, 2019 02:01 PM ET
  • The developers have confirmed the huge Kern County-located solar farm to be completed and commercially operational.

The total project capacity is 450 megawatts, the facilities are located in the state of California. The project was developed by Capital Dynamics and 8minute Solar Energy. The first one is an independent asset manager headquartered in Switzerland, the second one is an American privately-held company focused on utility-scale solar and storage projects. The solar cluster has been inaugurated this month. 

The power generated will be bought by Water & Power Department of LA to supply electricity to the city’s corporate and individual consumers. This huge solar array is estimated to bring LA over 4% closer to the city’s target for totally green power supply.

Springbok Solar is expected to provide the city with almost 950 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year. The cluster comprises three solar facilities, all of them are constructed by 8minute. Springbok 2 was the first photovoltaic station, which has appeared more cost-efficient than fossil fuel. It was launched three years ago. The third facility of the project became operational last month.

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