600 MW Renewables Power Eastern India

Nov 27, 2023 02:29 PM ET
  • AmpIn Energy Transition's INR 31 billion investment commits to 600MW of renewable energy across 17 states in Eastern India. CEO Pinaki Bhattacharyya leading the charge to create a greener Eastern India.
600 MW Renewables Power Eastern India

AmpIn Energy Transition has pledged to invest INR 31 billion (USD 372m/EUR 341m) to add more than 600 MW of new renewable energy capacity in Eastern India. The company is also setting up a 1.3 GW solar manufacturing plant in Odisha. AmpIn’s overall portfolio in the country comprises about 3 GWp across 17 states, and it has teamed up with solar product maker Jupiter International to establish a 1.3-GW production plant for PV cells and modules. CEO Pinaki Bhattacharyya said that “time has come for the Eastern region which is the home of coal to embrace renewable energy.” The investment is mainly focused on the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Northeastern states. With this, AmpIn’s vision of creating a greener Eastern India is closer to becoming a reality.

How Will AmpIn Invest INR 31 Billion to Create a Greener Eastern India?

  • The investment will help create jobs in the region as well as reduce emissions.
  • AmpIn will focus on the construction of new solar parks, rooftop solar installations, and green energy storage solutions.
  • The investment will also help diversify the energy mix in the region, allowing it to benefit from the lower costs and emissions associated with renewable energy sources.
  • AmpIn will work with local stakeholders to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy.
  • AmpIn will also help to develop green energy infrastructure, including transmission and distribution networks.
  • The investment will help to create a more sustainable economy in the region by supporting local communities and reducing poverty.

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