57MW Battery Comes to Essex

Sep 11, 2023 01:24 PM ET
  • EDF Renewables UK has secured planning permission for two battery energy storage facilities in Essex and Norfolk; the 57-MW project in Essex is expected to be online in 2025 and the 114-MW project in Norfolk will help the UK transition to a more sustainable energy future.

EDF Renewables UK has recently secured planning permission from the Braintree District Council to install a 57-MW battery energy storage facility in Essex, East of England. The facility will be constructed early next year and is expected to be online at the beginning of 2025. The development will support Essex’s goal of becoming a net zero county by 2050. Furthermore, the company was granted permission for a 114-MW battery energy storage project in Norfolk County. The Braintree site was chosen due to its proximity to National Grid substations. These two projects demonstrate EDF Renewables's commitment to helping the UK transition to a more sustainable energy future.

What Impact Will EDF Renewables' UK Battery Energy Storage Projects Have?

  • The battery energy storage facility in Braintree District will enable the efficient use of renewable energy, reduce strain on the power network, and reduce the need for peaker plants.
  • It will also allow for more efficient use of existing infrastructure by providing power resiliency and reliability.
  • The project will contribute to the UK’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 by improving the grid’s flexibility.
  • The facility in Norfolk County is projected to be the largest battery energy storage project in the UK and will provide the same benefits as the Braintree site.
  • The two projects will create jobs and drive economic growth in the local area, in addition to providing environmental and energy benefits.
  • These projects could help pave the way for more battery energy storage projects throughout the UK, allowing for greater access to renewable energy and helping the UK reach its emissions reduction goals.

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