550MW Chinese solar project powers up

Dec 22, 2021 04:54 PM ET
  • Wenzhou Taihan has been built on tidal land along with an aquaculture site
550MW Chinese solar project powers up
Image: Chint

The Wenzhou Taihan 550MW aquaculture-PV complementary solar plant, built on tidal land, has actually been connected to the Chinese power grid.

The mounted capability of clean energy power generation in the local power grid will certainly enhance by about 26% now the plant is functional.

It is estimated that on an annual basis, this plant would produce 650 million kilowatt-hours, minimizing CO2 exhausts by 648,000 tonnes.

The plant utilizes 1.396 million computers Chint Astro 450Wp mono-Si PV components, covering an area of regarding 4.7 kilometres square.

In order to deal with such a difficult project over the sea, the team of CHINT has brought out a selection of technologies pertaining to the marine feature exploitation, which were excellent contributions to the PV sector.

Astronergy/Chint has been developed to enhance the green development of the cities as well as bringing the clean energy from the sea to the cities.

The project combines the PV generation with the land recovery, and also the power generation with the aquaculture.

Astronergy/Chint is likewise the O&M provider.

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