300MW tidal flat solar project takes shape in China

Jan 18, 2021 02:10 PM ET
  • The very first tranches of a 300MW utility-scale solar project improved a coastal tidal flat in China have actually been attached to the grid.
300MW tidal flat solar project takes shape in China
Image: Ginlong Solis

The project, gotten by the 12th Bureau of Hydropower in China, is believed to be the world's biggest solar setup to be improved a tidal flat, extending more than 4,500 acres.

It will certainly integrate more than 685,000 400W monocrystalline silicon components with 1500V string inverters provided by Solis, while a brand-new 220kV booster terminal has actually been developed for the site. Power created at the site is exchanged AC and afterwards enhanced to 35kV within the substation, before being exported to the grid.

Given its location on a tidal flat, the whole remedy has been optimised and also protected from the aspects it will deal with, including waterproofing, sandproofing, corrosion prevention as well as various other framework and inner electric setups.

Inverters were also mounted at a height of a minimum of five metres-- more than the typical elevation-- in order to accommodate tidal changes of the water level.

Those tidal variations also made the building procedure more difficult, the site manager claimed, lowering the amount of time readily available to develop daily. Investments were made to increase the variety of workers on-site every day during offered hours to build the initial stage of the project on time.

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