250MW Oz Battery Online: Wärtsilä, AGL Power Grid-Forming Flexibility

Aug 22, 2023 03:32 PM ET
  • AGL Energy and Wärtsilä have completed construction of Australia's second largest battery storage system, the 250MW Torrens Island project, designed to help Australia transition to 100% renewable energy and achieve net-zero emissions. Constructed within 18 months, this collaboration between government, regulatory bodies and private sector proves to be a successful partnership.
250MW Oz Battery Online: Wärtsilä, AGL Power Grid-Forming Flexibility

Wärtsilä and AGL Energy have completed construction of the 250MW Torrens Island battery energy storage system in South Australia, making it the country's second largest battery project in operation. The system is capable of operating in grid-following mode and virtual synchronous generation (VSG) mode, providing fast response times and future-proofing operations for the Torrens Island facility. Both companies are proud of their role in helping Australia transition to a 100% renewable grid and achieve its net-zero emissions target. The battery was constructed within 18 months, demonstrating the effectiveness of collaboration between the government, regulatory bodies, and the private sector.

What Benefits Did Wärtsilä and AGL Achieve with the 250MW Torrens Island Battery?

  • Wärtsilä and AGL Energy have been able to increase the Torrens Island facility’s energy security and reliability
  • The battery has improved the efficiency of the grid, reducing the need for costly back-up arrangements.
  • The system is capable of responding to sudden changes in energy demand in milliseconds, increasing system stability
  • It has enabled the facility to support increased levels of renewable energy production
  • It provides a solution for frequency control and inertia, which is essential for maintaining the stability of the grid
  • The battery has increased grid resilience, ensuring that the facility is able to maintain operations during periods of stress
  • The system has helped to reduce energy costs incurred by the facility, as well as consumers
  • The project has provided local jobs in the construction, engineering, and maintenance sectors

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