250-kW system mounted on Texas apartment complex with Trina modules

Jan 18, 2023 01:04 PM ET
  • Affordable-housing nonprofit Foundation Communities dealt with Spear Commercial & Industrial as well as Trina Solar on a commercial rooftop system at the Waterloo Terrace apartment complex in Austin, Texas

Foundation Communities possesses and also runs 23 affordable-housing communities throughout Austin and also three in North Texas. Currently, the organization plans on opening 3 new facilities in the next year, with 5 various other projects in various stages of development. The firm is invested in sustainability.

" We are a Dept. of Energy Better Buildings Challenge partner as well as have goals to minimize our energy as well as water usage by 20% over ten years," stated Katelynn Essig, Director of Sustainability at Foundation Communities. "We likewise have a solar capacity goal to mount 1.5 MW, and also the solar at Waterloo Terrace assisted us satisfy that goal one year early. We pay the utilities for the 132 single adults that cope with us, and the solar cost savings considerably minimize our operating costs, which enables us to invest that refund into the residents."

Spear completed a 250-kW system on the Waterloo apartments, using Trina Solar panels as well as Trina's C&I Solutions group for project streamlining aid.

" By supplying a complete solution, we're making it simpler for customers to finance and set up large solar projects," stated Adam Jordan, Trina Solar Head of US Commercial Solutions. "When all the equipment works as well as enhanced, including modules, inverters, as well as racking, projects end up being less tough and also more profitable."

" The Trina team I collaborate with markets solar panels, the racking system, and also the inverters completely so we do not have compatibility issues," claimed Mark Rangel, Spear Executive Vice President. "And Trina discusses all pricing with various other producers to deliver a solution that is extremely affordable. I see a great deal of value because since we're a little business. I do not have a big purchasing department therefore it truly aids."

This partnership drew the attention of the producers at Inside the Blueprint, that helped bring the tale to life through video. Bob Holodak, Senior Producer as well as Programming Manager claimed, "When we spoke to the team at Trina Solar, we saw placement between our sustainability objectives as well as their need to create education highlighting the benefits related to commercial and also industrial solar and also renewable resource solutions."

He continued, "Trina Solar US, Spear, as well as Foundation Communities made it clear that a much more lasting future and more equitable renewable energy adoption are not mutually special goals. For Inside The Blueprint, having a case study include an affordable housing project showcasing actual expense saving for this communities supplies a fantastic example and pathway to broadening these sorts of projects on a nationwide basis."

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