What is Self consumption?

It is when a commercial or residential building consumes electrical energy generated by its own roof-mounted photovoltaic installation. Since FIT for new PV installations is now much lower compared to the grid electricity tariff, maximization of rooftop PV energy self-consumption increases the economic benefits of the installation and reduces its return-of-energy period. The energy not self-consumed by grid-tied business or home is injected to the power grid for use by other consumers. This replaces the eco-unfriendly electricity produced from fossil fuels with green solar electricity. Self-consumption can be increased by panel orientating in a way that would maximize the output during the daytime peak demand for electricity. Another option is shifting consumption to the hours of peak rooftop solar output. Thus, an air-conditioning unit, a dishwasher, a hot water system, or some other household appliance, can be turned on, or placed on a timer that turns it on, when PV generation is the highest.



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