Inside the White House meeting with solar producers intending to formulate PV production technique

Jun 16, 2022 06:12 PM ET
  • Earlier today (14 June), White House officials and also solar makers sat down with each other to go over exactly how the Biden Administration might kickstart PV production via its just recently passed Defense Production Act (DPA).
Inside the White House meeting with solar producers intending to formulate PV production technique
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The conference, initially reported by Bloomberg and which was not public, lasted around an hour, was hosted by deputy national climate advisor Ali Zaidi and also was gone to by greater than 20 reps, according to the news service. PV Tech recognizes that sector profession bodies were additionally present.

Last week, President Biden authorized the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to make use of the DPA-- Cold War-era regulations designed to incentivise the domestic manufacture of strategically vital products-- to increase the production of 5 clean energy technologies, including PV modules and module components.

At the time, the White House claimed it would certainly assemble "relevant sector" as well as other stakeholders to "maximise the influence" of tools available under the DPA.

The meeting was billed as simply the start of efforts to develop a clear solar manufacturing approach yet someone present informed PV Tech that there was not also the skeletal system of a strategy, with couple of information fleshed out throughout the call.

" There are no strategies, there is no clear path but a political news," stated the source. "As an industry player, we require to push and pull to make it take place. It is possible, as well as we have the federal government's focus now."

A second source PV Tech talked to that was in presence stated there were voices on both sides of the extremely controversial examination into supposed circumvention of antidumping and countervailing duties (AD/CVD)-- those who supported Auxin Solar's petition and also those emphatically against it who invited Biden's two-year exemption from specific trade tariffs on solar modules manufactured in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and also Vietnam.

"There's no way for anyone to say the White House didn't make itself open to hearing a variety of viewpoints," stated the source.

"The call itself was controlled by singing voices that support Auxin's circumvention application, consisting of Auxin," they stated, including that other stakeholders in the domestic manufacturing area "joined to reveal assistance for the administration's essential efforts with their solar announcement".

However, it appears as though little of substance has actually come out of the meeting in regards to a clear solar production approach.

Canadian solar maker Heliene, which has production centers in the US, was in participation. Its CEO Martin Pochtaruk informed PV Tech the company "discovers the US government administration decision to support domestic solar PV manufacturing encouraging" however that the sector needed to "promptly collaborate to transform that willingness right into workable strategies as well as programmes that transform such clear intent into production capital expenditure".

"We have a possibility to make a difference as well as increase the regionalisation of the solar industry in North America, let's tackle it and keep up it," added Pochtaruk.

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