10GW green hydrogen project in Australia moves on as Osaka Gas signs up with venture

Apr 13, 2022 10:41 AM ET
  • Innovation company Aqua Aerem has become part of a joint development arrangement with Japanese energy producer Osaka Gas for its 10GW Desert Bloom Hydrogen project in Northern Australia.
10GW green hydrogen project in Australia moves on as Osaka Gas signs up with venture
Image: Toshiba Corporation

Osaka Gas' entry to the US$ 10.75 billion scheme will certainly add to the total development of the project, including its building, locating offtakers for the produced hydrogen and also bargaining with devices producers.

David Green, chairman of Aqua Aerem and also Sanguine's managing director stated the project was "on course" to create green hydrogen for less than US$ 2/kg within 5 years.

Gerard Reiter, CEO of Aqua Aerem, claimed: "This bargain is a strong recommendation of the large value of the project and Aqua Aerem's ingenious air-to-water technology, which is opening the door for green hydrogen projects to be located where the most effective sustainable source of power are offered, which is typically in the driest areas of the planet."

The features of the website indicate it does need straight access to a water source as well as is built with a collection of modular, 2MW hydrogen manufacturing devices that can creating water from the atmosphere, enabling the systems to be integrated in arid locations with limited water resources.

When the project goes to full scale, it will be able to generate around 410,000 statistics tonnes of green hydrogen per year for use in both residential objectives as well as export for Asian markets, therefore its location in Northern Australia. Aqua Aerem likewise stated it had chosen Northern Australia as the place for the project given the high levels of solar irradiance.

Aqua Aerem is in discussions to bring other possible partners to purchase green hydrogen along with a joint venture extending different sectors such as transport, mining or chemicals.

In December 2021, the project received Major Project Status by the local government.

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